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Company Name : Wertice Virtual Advertising

Company Name : Wedy

CNPJ : 20,121,953 / 0001-15

Address array: Rua José Henrique Barbosa dos Santos, 159, Dom Feliciano - Gravatai / RS CEP 94015-171

Address for correspondence : Av. Unisinos, 950, Unitec 2 - Room 117, São João Batista, São Leopoldo / RS CEP 93022-750

Protection of personal data


The terms described below, when used on this page, will have the following meanings:

Wedding Website: Final result of the use of the features that represent the wedding site, with all the information made available to GUESTS and USERS.

Virtual Gift List: Functionality that creates a list of gifts where USERS wish to make money as gifts of marriage and that allows the GUESTS to buy through the forms of payment offered by Wedy the quotas of gifts fictitious.

Quotas: it is possible to divide the value of a certain present into quotas of equal value, allowing the Guests to buy and present the Users with one or more quota (s).

Login: Identification of a user before the system. To access, you can use your personal email and password previously registered or the use of personal data from a Facebook account.

Password: A set of previously agreed characters, used in the process of verifying the identity of the USER, ensuring that he is actually the user responsible for his account and for the Wedding Website.

User: Any individual who has registered with Wedy, will of course and will use or intend to use the tools placed at their disposal.

Guests: Any individual who accesses as a Guest and uses or intends to use the tools made available to him by Wedy.

Event: Any celebration that is intended to be organized and disclosed by the User (s) with the help of the features and tools provided by Wedy.

Vendors: Any individual or legal entity that offers services related to the organization of events or the sale of gifts, whose services are disclosed on the Wedy platform or that have made their registration as Vendor.

Portal: Any page contained within the Wedy domain

Acceptance of Terms of Use


To browse some pages of Wedy, the User does not need to be registered, nor need to confirm their acceptance of the Terms of Use. However, this does not mean that the User is not subject to the Terms of Use, which acceptance comes from the access to the portal itself .

In order to enjoy the services offered by Wedy, the User must first register directly on the Wedy portal providing his email and registering a password or using a previously made registration on Facebook which will imply acceptance of the Terms of Use.

The contracting of Wedy is formalized by completing the registration form available on the portal and is regulated by these Terms of Use, as well as the Privacy and Copyright Policies.

You agree to use the Services provided by Wedy only for the permitted purposes.

The User undertakes not to violate any laws, regulations or customs generally accepted in Brazil when using the Tools and Services.

You acknowledge that by agreeing to these terms of use, you agree to and authorize the receipt of material from Wedy partner companies, such as newsletters.

Information on the organization of Events is offered to Users in a non-costing manner. Some other functionalities and services are offered in a non-costing way or for payment, as indicated in the item SERVICES, FEES, PAYMENTS AND PAYMENTS.

The digital features and services offered by payment to Users are described in detail on the respective pages where they are disclosed and can be properly visualized before being contracted, therefore there is no possibility of requesting a reversal of amounts already paid.

Users and Guests understand that the virtual gift list organization and dissemination tool does not correspond to the actual purchase of the illustrated products and their physical delivery to the Users, providing, instead, the cash receipt of the amounts paid by the Guests, discounted to administration fee indicated in the item SERVICE PACKAGES, FEES, PAYMENTS AND PAYMENTS.

Users are prohibited from using Wedy for commercial, advertising or any other purpose that is contrary to the reality for which it was designed, as defined in the Terms of Use.

Registration, Login, Password and Security

Anyone over the age of 18 (eighteen) can use the services of Wedy freely. Persons between the age of sixteen (16) and eighteen (18) years may use Wedy's services but declare that they are able to understand and accept the Wedy Terms of Use and Policies as well as those authorized by their parents or responsible parties to accept and comply with the rules set forth in the Wedy Terms of Use and Policies. Users under 16 (sixteen) years of age are not allowed to participate. If any breach of this provision is verified, Wedy will immediately cancel User's registration.

When the User accesses Wedy using their registration, previously created through our portal or through Facebook, you should remember that your login and password will become your identification with Wedy. It is through this data that the User can access and change his personal information and other data of his registration.

The User will be solely responsible for your login and password and will be responsible for all acts performed with them. Therefore, it is the duty of the User to watch over the confidentiality of his password.

You agree to immediately notify Wedy of any loss, loss, theft, or any unauthorized use of your login and password, as well as any breach of security of your knowledge. In the face of such situations, it is also the obligation of the User to immediately change his password after the occurrence of such facts.

Wedy undertakes not to use the cadastral information provided by Users for the performance of any illegal activities, but only for those expressly permitted by Brazilian law and / or these Terms of Use.

Users agree to:

a) Provide true, accurate, current and complete information when performing your registration on the portal;

b) Update your information in order to keep it true, accurate and complete.

c) Be liable for any false, incorrect, outdated or incomplete information provided.

If Wedy has sufficient reason to suspect the truthfulness and / or accuracy of such information, it shall have the right to suspend or terminate the User's registration immediately and independently of notification. The suspension or cancellation, however, does not diminish or diminish the responsibility of the User as to the accuracy and veracity of the data provided.

The User is prohibited from assigning, selling, renting or otherwise transferring his or her registration. Also, it will not be possible to maintain more than one registration per person, or the creation of new registrations by persons whose original registrations have been canceled for infractions to the Terms of Use.

Users acknowledge and agree that Guests will have access to information that is registered on the Wedding Website.

The Users undertake not to use the data of the Guests, inserted in the database of the Wedding Website, for purposes other than those that motivated their registration.

Users may, at any time, request the cancellation of their registrations and the deletion of their data and information from the Wedy database. Users acknowledge that the termination of a registration and the definitive exclusion of information may take up to 90 (ninety) business days to be completed.

In the option of a cancellation requested by the User, where the custom domain functionality in the Sublime and Royal Plans has been used, the domain will be passed to the User name. However, in the eventual request for cancellation, the refund will be made on the difference of the total contracting of the requested plan and the amount invested in the contracting of the domain by Wedy.

Even if the User requests the cancellation of a Plan, within a period of 7 days from the date of contracting, Wedy is not obliged to make full restitution of the amounts paid, hence that Article 49 of Law No. 8,078, dated September 1990 is not applicable when the User's experience with the service is the same whether on or off the premises.

The contracting of a custom domain name requested by the User, entails investments made by Wedy and, for that reason, the User that opts for a plan with this functionality will be subject to specific termination rules. The option for a custom domain name does not give the User ownership of the domain name chosen. After a period of 12 months from the contracting of a domain by a User, said domain name will be maintained under the ownership of Wedy and offered for use to another User.

The wedding site of a deceased person may be terminated at the request of one of their heirs, provided that duly substantiated death by means of a working document. If you have any questions regarding the protection of your personal information or for more information about how we handle the information you provide to us, please see our Privacy Policy.

Price Table

Wedy has three packages of services. Users can test Wedy's services for undetermined time.

Free Plan:

a) Does not have adhesion rate;

b) Access the functionalities and services described in the price tables, with their facilities and restrictions detailed in the Plans page;

c) The Free Plan rates are 5.99 %.

d) It does not entitle to a customized domain, which must be purchased separately;

Sublime Plan:

a) Rate of adhesion a single value of R$ 189.60;

b) Access the functionalities and services described in the price tables, with their facilities and restrictions detailed in the Plans page;

c) Present rates in the Sublime Plan are 4.95 %.

d) With the right to a personalized domain, the choice of the bride and groom, which will be available to the bride and groom for a period of one year after hiring;

Royal Plan:

a) Adhesion fee single value of R$ 720.00;

b) Access the functionalities and services described in the price tables, with their facilities and restrictions detailed in the Plans page;

c) Present rates in the Royal Plan are 3.99 %.

d) With the right to a personalized domain, the choice of the bride and groom, which will be available to the bride and groom for a period of one year after hiring;

Services, Fees, Refunds and Payments

Navigation across several Wedy pages is free.

The hiring of the services of creation and hosting of the Wedding Website, with the possibility of enjoying several functions to facilitate the organization and dissemination of your Event depends on the registration as a User and payment of the amounts indicated in the Price Table for creation and hosting websites.

The contracting of some specific functionalities depends on the effectiveness of the registration as a User and the payment of the specific value in the Table of Prices of tools and functionalities.

All payments will be collected by using the online payment service by means of credit card or bank slip.

All payments made by the User and / or Guests will be sent an email informing about access as a user and / or for Quotas of virtual gifts acquired by guest, and to the Guests in confirmation by the present acquired;

Wedy offers on the website a complete and detailed extract of the gifts purchased by Guests, the values ​​available for withdrawal and the blocked transfer amounts as well as the Messages of the Guests to the Bride and Groom;

Users may choose to receive the gross amount of the gifts where the Guests will bear the fees related to the use of the virtual gift lists, payment intermediation fees and remuneration of Wedy, which should be configured through the Portal.

The amounts related to the purchase of virtual gifts by the guests, made by means of credit card, will be available for conference in the control panel of the Users immediately after the confirmation of the payment of the "gift" by the Guest, being sure that the value the present will be available for withdrawal from the User account, will occur in 30 (thirty) consecutive days counted from the confirmation of the purchase.

Each drawing realization will be deducted R$ 1.50 (one real and fifty cents) to cover the TED / DOC costs of the total amount receivable of each redemption. For Users who report an account with Banco Bradesco to make the withdrawal, they will be exempt from this tariff. There is no limit on the number of withdrawals, nor on the value of each redemption, provided that the amount to be withdrawn is less than or equal to the value available for it. Wedy, through the company Pagar.me, will make available the amounts through deposit in checking account or savings account.

If the third day after the request for redemption is not a bank business day, the deposit will be made on the first subsequent business day.

It is the responsibility of the Users to request the withdrawal of the values ​​regarding the virtual gifts received through the control panel. Users are required to inform Wedy of the data relating to their current account or savings account for the deposit to be made.

Wedy relieves itself of bank information reported by users in the wrong way.

Users are aware that if they fail to make the request for redemption the transfer will not be done automatically.

Unless stated otherwise, all fees are quoted in Reais (R $). The User is responsible for informing who will pay for all fees and taxes associated with the use of the virtual gift list, and may pass on this cost related to fees, in the amount paid by the present contained in the gift list, to his Guest.

For the purposes of this Term of Use, business day is considered to be the bank business day in the City of São Paulo, State of São Paulo.

If upon confirmation by the administrator of the payment card made by the Guest, the Guest cancels the transaction of the card with the administrator and the gift has already been released to the Users, Users will be informed of said cancellation and shall return to Wedy the total amount of the "gift" received as a result of the transaction canceled by the Guest. Even in the event of cancellation, fees for contracting Wedy's virtual gift lists are due and must be paid in full.

For the provision of virtual gift lists services, there will be a cost of 5.99% (five point ninety-nine percent) of the total gross amount received per transaction that occurs successfully and that will be of the Users' choice who will bear the tariffs these pass them on to their Guests.

The Guest may choose to split the purchase of the virtual gift and in this case interest will be charged at 2.99 % per month.

Should a list be withdrawn from the portal by Wedy due to a violation of the Terms of Use, violation of legal norms or court order, the amounts paid by the Guests will not be reimbursed to the Users, unless Wedy understands, at its discretion that the refund is appropriate.

Since the online payment service and credit card services are independent of Wedy, Wedy itself can not give any guarantee regarding payments processed by Paypal or PagSeguro, nor can it respond for credit card, debit card failures account or boleto bancário originated in these services.

In addition, all transactions carried out via PagSeguro are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the account holder PagSeguro, who must ensure the security of your information, as well as your login and password. Wedy will not be responsible for the misuse of this information, nor for transactions effected and subsequently not recognized by the owner.

For the user who chooses the means of payment, BANK BANK, the release of the functionality of the paid services will only occur after confirmation of the payment of the same, which may occur in up to 3 business days.

Cartão Lembrança

O Cartão Lembrança é uma forma dos CONVIDADOS enviarem um cartão de lembrança em forma física com uma mensagem aos noivos. Esta modalidade estará disponível apenas para os usuários que optarem por uma Lista de Presentes Virtuais. Para as Listas de Presentes em Lojas esta opção não estará ativa no Site do Casamento dos Noivos.

A compra do Cartão Lembrança é totalmente opcional e de livre escolha. Fica a cargo do Convidados, incluir na compra do Presente o Cartão Lembrança.


A Wedy dispõe de 3 modelos de cartões. Cada modelo é único e possui valores distintos. O Convidado poderá escolher entre as seguintes opções de estilo de Cartão Lembrança: Simples, Clássico ou Premium.

' '

Especificações e valores:

' '

1) Modelo Simples: Será entregue no formato 10x15cm e acabamento em papel couche 250g e seu valor será R$13,90 (treze reais e noventa centavos);

' '

2) Modelo Classico: Será entregue no formato 10x15cm e acabamento em papel couche 250g e seu valor será R$19,90 (dezenove reais e noventa centavos);

' '

3) Modelo Premium: Será entregue no formato 10x15cm e acabamento metalizado e em papel couche 300g e seu valor será R$29,90 (vinte e nove reais e noventa centavos)

' '

Todos os cartões recebidos pelo casal serão agrupados e enviados em uma única vez, até 30 dias úteis após a data do casamento cadastrada na Wedy. Não será cobrado nenhum valor adicional ou taxa de entrega. E, é de responsabilidade dos noivos a prestação da informação do endereço de forma correta. Caso seja identificado divergência no endereço no momento da entrega, a Wedy poderá cobrar pelo reenvio dos cartões.

' '

Cancelamento de uma compra: Caso o Convidado opte pelo cancelamento ou estorno da uma compra de um Presente, o mesmo poderá fazer isso em até 7 dias úteis sem que seja cobrado o valor do Cartão Lembrança.