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What is Wedy?

Wedy is a portal for creating wedding websites that aims to organize and publicize your marriage, according to the definitions and conditions detailed in the Terms of Use, of which this Policy is an integral part.

In order to take advantage of the features offered by Wedy, it is necessary to fill out a form and accept this term of privacy and our term of use.

Wedy may automatically send, collect, receive and store information on its servers about the activities of the User's browser, including IP addresses, cookies, or other identifying character sequences.

This procedure is inherent in browsing websites, otherwise the user would not receive the requested content from the Wedy server in their browser. Wedy may also identify the User's location through various technologies offered by third-party companies.

Wedy watches over privacy and data protection to identify Users and protects this information from loss, misuse and unauthorized access under this Privacy Policy.

Because it is an information sharing platform, Wedy in principle treats the manifestations and interactions of its users as information that can be freely viewed by all Wedy Users.

Because some Organizers may want their manifestations to be viewed only by certain individuals, we offer privacy control tools that allow the User to restrict access to their wedding site only to Guests with the access password.

The Registered Users agree that they may receive informational messages about the services offered by Wedy by e-mail or any other viable means of communication that exist or will exist in the future. By creating a website on Wedy, Users declare to accept this Privacy Policy.

Protection of personal data

The personal data requested from Users in the completed form at the time of registration, are the minimum necessary and are stored in our database in a secure environment. Wedy may store and process personal information on a server located outside of Brazil.

Wedy's staff is aware of this Policy and only qualified and authorized persons are permitted to gain access to the personal data collected.

The provision of personal data of Users will only occur - a) by request of themselves, in the sole discretion of Wedy, in the event of violation of the terms of use or rights of third parties; b) or by court order.

Users' personal data will only be used for the purposes for which they were collected.

Wedy uses your personal data for the following purposes:

Communicate with you in order to give you information about Wedy and its features;

Inform you if there is anything that might interest you in organizing your marriage;

Answer your questions and requests;

To prepare general statistics, without identifying each user and using this information to offer publicity that is directed to the profile of certain groups of Users;

Use this information to offer advertising that is focused on the profile of certain groups of Users, as well as offer products and / or services of partner companies;

Wedy will not share information about your Users without:

Has received authorization from the User;

You have changed this policy and notified the User of this change;

You have excluded from the shared information the data that allows the identification of the User.

Each User has control over the information registered in his profile, being able to access and change them through the use of his login and password. The login and the password are individual and presumably known only by the User himself who must watch over the confidentiality of this data.

The User may suspend the use of the Services or request the permanent exclusion of his account. In case of suspension, the User's wedding site will no longer be displayed, but the information will remain on Wedy's servers and may be re-displayed if the User requests to re-activate the Service in the future. In case of exclusion, all information regarding the User Event will be permanently deleted from the Wedy servers. This may take up to 90 days to occur. If you would like to request the suspension or exclusion of your wedding site, please contact our team.

Security. Security

Wedy makes no effort to protect your information by using the best technological means of the Internet and is not liable for damages resulting from access and / or use by strangers, whether willful or unlawful.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Wedy reserves the right at any time to change this Privacy Policy by updating its content according to the needs of technological improvement or its Services. When there is a change in the Privacy Policy, Wedy will communicate its users by email or in a prominent area publication on the site.

For clarification and more information about this Privacy Policy please contact our team.