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Free Wedding

Free Wedding

  • Wedding Website
  • Gifts in Money
  • Presence confirmations
R$ 0.00

Limited Functions
For unlimited time.

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Sublime Plan

Sublime Plan

  • Custom domain *
  • Priority attendance
  • Reduced gift ratio
  • More functions for you
R$ 189.60

In up to 12x of R $ 15.80 .
For unlimited time .

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Royal Plan

Royal Plan

  • RSVP over the phone
  • Dedicated Concierge
  • Custom Domain *
  • All available functions
R$ 720.00

In up to 12x of R $ 60.00 .
For unlimited time .

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Lowest Fee for Cash Gifts 🌟 Get the gifts you desire in cash in an elegant and safe manner with the lowest rate on the market .5.99%4.95%3.99%
Plan Term 🌟 Hey, we're the only ones who don't make the plans. Just like your love, our plans are all limitless.unlimited timeunlimited timeunlimited time
Dedicated Concierge 🌟 A wedding specialist will accompany you and assist you in all the details of the creation of your website, list and dissemination of the content with Wedy.
Whatsapp 🌟 Service A unique and fast channel for you to solve your questions and count on our help.
Honeymoon Screenplay 🌟 We've developed a personalized wedding list with your honeymoon itinerary - to help you win your trip as a gift.
RSVP by Phone 🌟 We call your guests to check on their presence on their big day.
Custom Domain* An exclusive address for you to disclose all your wedding information on invitations and digital media.
VIP 🌟 Service Our service is recognized by the empathy and attention of our experts. VIP service is all this in record time.
No Advertisements We will not display advertising for you and your guests.
Couple Playlist Share the special songs that have marked your lives with your guests.3 songs6 songs10 songs
Photo Album Spread the best photos of the couple and loved ones in an online album.5 photos12 photosUnlimited photos
Custom Wedding Site Delight your guests with a personalized website with their unique history, photos and content of the couple.
Save The Date As soon as you have the wedding date set you can advertise it from a custom link.
Honeymoon quotas Receive the journey of your dreams in shared gifts in quotas, where guests contribute collectively to the realization of the honeymoon trip.
Site in multiple languages 🌟 We automatically identify when a visitor is from outside the country and display their website in your guest's language with the translated content.
Collaborative Wedding 🌟 For those wishing to hold a marriage by membership this is a possibility to raise the necessary funds for the Great Day.
Stores Lists 🌟 Combine with the cash gifts, present in your favorite stores in a single Wedding List.
Custom cash lists Create and have fun with your creativity to build a Wedding List that surprises your guests.
Get more than one gift at a time 🌟 At Wedy guests can present the bride and groom with more than one gift on the same purchase, in an intuitive purchase process and a few quick steps.
Financial Planner 🌟 Understand and control your financial costs with the organization of your marriage and the hiring of each vendor.
Task Schedule 🌟 We have prepared a list of tasks to help the couple organize and perform the wedding of their dreams without forgetting any details.
Couple's Diary An interactive way to keep your guests up to date with your wedding organizing journey.
Hotels for your guests 🌟 Disclose to your guests select hotels with special discounts prepared by Wedy.
Guest List Manage your guest list by groups and control the total guests by event: Ceremony, Tea-bar and more.
Couple Hashtag Let your guests understand the official hashtag of the event so you can browse the photos of your Big Day.
Videos Send videos from Save The Date, couple's relationship, or friends to the wedding site.
Pages for People You Love Spread in a noble space information about Parents, Cupid, Godparents & Godparents, Ladies & Papers.
Exclusive Vendors 🌟 You leave your wish and our team finds the best vendors to offer exclusive budgets to you.
Invitation Tags 🌟 We prepare the tags with affection to match your stationery at the wedding.
Thank you for Gifts 🌟 Thank your guests easily and digitally all gifts received by Wedy.
Mobile and Tablet Site Your website will work in all different screen formats, offering a rich experience to your guests.
Maps and instructions Indicate the location of each event of your wedding with a personalized map and essential tips for the transport of guests.
Countdown A feature for you to track the arrival of the long-awaited day on a daily basis.
Access Counter Find out how many people are accessing your site.
Multiple users Add your love, the ceremonial advisor to your wedding and people close to your account to help you manage your wedding.
Custom Layout Set your site colors according to your color palette and choose what to display or not display on your site.
Privacy Control Set what will be displayed to your guests and create a password to access your wedding site.
Animated Introduction Choose the best photos of the bride and groom to be displayed in a slideshow on your website.
Real-time notifications 🌟 Be warned of each new interaction on your wedding website: gift receipt, presence confirmation, new messages and more.
All events of your wedding Manage all your wedding events: ceremony, party, tea bar, pot tea and more.
Group of Brides and Brides 🌟 Interact with a group of Wedy bride and groom with over 30,000 members directly on Facebook.

* Free domain valid 12 months after choice

  • Free for unlimited time
  • Custom Wedding Website
  • Tools for organization and planning
  • Affectionate email service
  • Cash gifting lists 5.99% rate
  • Playlist of the couple 3 songs
  • Grooms site with album 10 photos
  • Guest list & RSVP online
  • With advertising
Start now, free
  • Reduced gift rates 4.95 % fee
  • Priority service via chat and phone
  • Free custom domain
  • Gift list of favorite stores
  • Playlist of the couple 6 songs
  • Several Save The Date Templates
  • Bride and groom site with album 12 photos
  • All of the Free Plan and without advertising
  • Community Honeymoon Routes
  • Custom Stationery and Themes
Subscribe Sublime Plan
  • The lowest gift rates 3.99 % rate
  • Dedicated concierge phone, chat, whatsapp
  • Phone active RSVP
  • Free custom domain
  • Playlist of the couple 10 songs
  • Several Save The Date Templates
  • Wedding website with unlimited album
  • Unique Honeymoon Routes
  • Multi-language bride and groom website
Subscribe Royal Plan

Planos Detalhados

Why should I choose Wedy?

Wedy is your best friend. That way, you won't just find a wedding website, gift lists, features and stuff like that. You will find a number of services and, above all, a humanized service that will be on your side in this beautiful journey that is your wedding.

How long does my website stay on the air?

At Wedy, no matter what plan you choose, your website will be on the air for unlimited time. That is, an eternal virtual memory of your marriage.

Can I add more than one gift list?

Yes, you can include several gift list options and make your guest feel free to choose the best way to gift you. You can choose from a list of gifts in stores and/or a list of gifts in cash.

Can I change plans at any time?

Yes, you can start with one plan, and get another when you want.

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