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+7.672,083 Brides, bride and groom, guests, ceremonialists and caterers have been through Wedy so far:)

Over so many years and stories, we've grown and built a wonderful trajectory, surrounded by special and unique people in our lives. We found that fulfilling dreams is what inspires us and celebrating love is what drives us. Yes to any form of love. Yes to the trust placed in us. Yes to the credibility gained during these 07 years.

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  1. When naming a couple to make a Wedy wedding site, their name will be linked to their wedding list.
  2. The couple will start receiving their wedding gifts. When the total value of gifts received reaches R $ 500, the couple will be presented with R $ 50 in their name. The amount will be courtesy of Wedy.
  3. If you prefer, you can give the couple again, with a different amount. It will be accounted for in the total received and will normally count towards the achievement of the R $ 500 (and unlock of the present).