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13 Superheroes!

The love of each of us translated into the best possible experience for your marriage.

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500.000 Happy bride and groom.

Our happiness is the smile on each couple's face. Have fun and plan with us your unforgettable moment!

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200.000 Events held.!

It's a beautiful, long journey to the realization of the perfect moment. We will be with you for every moment towards your Great Day!

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49.344 Successfully delivered services

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90% Approval of our service
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47min It's the average response time in a so-called Wedy

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7672083 Brides, bride and groom, guests, ceremonialists and caterers have been through Wedy so far:)


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R$ 36.662.499
They were greeted safely and elegantly by the bride and groom

Wedy offers a secure solution where couples receive gifts they want safely, fun and transparently in an elegant and charming experience for wedding guests.

23.000 Drawings were made
by bride and groom

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6.000 Couples found their vendors

On such a special date, you should have the best team with you. Wedy helps you find the vendors that will make a difference in your marriage!.

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Planning & Organization

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200.000 Tasks completed by bride and groom with the help of Wedy

195.000 Financial transactions recorded by couples

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700.000 Published Photos

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700.000 Listed songs

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30.000 Journals annotations

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